My wife suggested that I try something a little bit challenging to put here on this blog. Well, bread is of course my favorite thing to bake so what we decided to do is a year of breads. Every week for 52 weeks the challenge is to bake a new type of bread. For the most part the goal is to make a completely different type of bread although there will probably be variances of the same type. For example, country sourdough and roasted red pepper sourdough, same type of bread yet different.

My wife, Bethany, blogged a year of socks, where she knit a different kind of socks every month and it really helped develop her skills. That is what I hope to do here.

What will happen is every Friday I will post the bread I made for that week. There will also be a list here that is added to with every completed bread. That way, if you, or I, decide to go back and try something that has already been baked it will be here for easy accessibility.

I hope you will send a suggestion in the comments below too. I want to try breads from different cultures and nationalities as well as keeping with the national holidays and themes throughout the year.

So, make suggestion and follow along with me. This is going to be fun!


Week 1: Buttery, Flaky Croissants

Week 2: Mantou

Week 3: Dutch Oven Bread

Week 4: Whole Wheat Sourdough

Week 5: Swedish Crisp Bread

Week 6: Roti

Week 7: Southern Spoon Bread

Week 8: Pita Bread

Week 9: Bread & Butter Pudding with Beer Caramel Sauce

Week 10: Pain Rustique

Week 11: Cottage Loaf

Week 12: Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal Sourdough

Week 13: Black Pumpernickel

Week 14: Sourdough Ciabatta

Week 15: Sourdough English Muffins


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