Sourdough English Muffins – Year of Breads #15

Sourdough English Muffins-1

I have made English muffins quite a few times. And English muffin bread loaves are one of my favorite loaves to make too. Making English muffins with a sourdough starter is relatively new for me. A goal of mine is to bake as much without a commercial yeast starter and use a natural leaven as […]

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Einkorn Peanut Butter Cookies

Einkhorn PB Cookies-1

Let me start with a question. Who has heard of einkorn flour? Einkorn is a very old wheat variety that has not been hybridized, surprisingly. That is to say, it could be the oldest variety of wheat and remains unchanged through hundreds of generations. Now, who wants cookies, peanut butter cookies to be specific? Einkorn […]

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Sourdough Ciabatta – Year of Breads #14

Ciabatta 3-1

Ciabatta is a classic. The taste is remarkable and is also known by its characteristic large holes. That is not the case with commercially produced ciabatta. This version has the large holes, light texture, and crisp crust. The primary leavening is sourdough with a little yeast added for an extra boost. The result is a […]

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Classic Chess Pie

Chess Pie 1-1

One of the distinguishing factors about classic Southern food is the use of common and simple ingredients. This probably comes from the times when there wasn’t a lot of plenty and families made due with what they had. While it may be different, with access to all sorts of ingredients now, it is nice to […]

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