Cottage Loaf – Year of Breads #11

Cottage Loaf 3-1

This bread is somewhat of a triumph for me. Not in the way of being something that had been conquering me but in the way of looking at this shape and putting off trying it for some intimidation reasons. I have been enamored with the cottage loaf shape but kept putting off trying it. After […]

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Pain Rustique (Rustic Bread)

pain rustique sour 4-1

This week I was reading about bread, no surprise there, trying to decide if I wanted to make a standard loaf like I normally do or something new. Almost all of my bread baking has evolved to only sourdough with some yeasted breads now and then but for some reason I thought, maybe I will […]

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Garlic Bread Rolls

Garlic Bread-1

No matter what the dish is it is almost always made better by having garlic bread with it, don’t you think? Of course if you are having pasta it just goes without saying you will probably have some other sort of carbs with it like garlic bread. I was thinking about this and decided I […]

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Grilled Stuffed Burrito – Made at Home

Grilled Stuffed Burrito text-1

You know there are some times when you get an item from a restaurant that you just want to make at home and not have a ton of¬†extra calories that goes along with it. One of my favorite items to get at a popular fast food chain was the grilled stuffed burrito. Then I realized […]

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