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Hello there, friends! Welcome to House of Bakes! Get the best pastry pieces when you order from our store today, 


Pastries, cakes, bread and even pizzas had never tasted better. With all the ingredients fresh from the source and mixed with the right proportion, House of Bakes has now become everybody’s favorite pastry shop in Phoenix. You can order your favorite sweets here anytime to take home to your families, and loved ones. 


What makes us different from other pastry shops? Simple. We put a twist in our every recipe. We make traditional foods more delicious and appetizing, and we bring more fun to your dull bread. What more is that our food is rich in flavors that they would keep you coming back for more. You’ll get what we mean when you go to our store today. Free taste is available every day. 


With House of Bakes, you won’t have any worries about leftovers from the previous days. All of our pastries here are freshly made every day, and you can even watch the making of each one as you wait up for your order at our store. We do this to let our customer see the process and give them a glimpse of all the precautions we take in handling their food. If that’s nor fun enough, you can even take part in the process. Just make sure to inform our store managers about it. No worries about ruin pastries because our chef will guide you all throughout the way. 


House of Bakes also create creations for all occasions. Want us to bake your cake for your birthday? Or how about cupcakes for an anniversary? We can mold pastries and batter to any shapes and sizes you want, so stop worrying about your orders not fitting into the theme you set because we ensure you that we always do our best for our customers to not be disappointed. We can even shape it into a small version of the celebrant, or that person you want to surprise. Our staff does not only do magic on our bread, they are artistic as well. In fact, our master baker and owner have already taken home the Best Cake Design Award, and Best Cupcake Builder of the Year Award for 3 consecutive years already. And he still continues to improve his craft year by year. 


For deliveries, we do careful handling of all products from our shop to your homes. Now, no need to get that car out of your garage, because we’ll be sending your cakes and bread straight to your doorsteps. As long as you are in Denver, CO delivery is only 7$. No add-ons, no minimum order required. Just give us an hour or everything is free for you. We setup our garage for baking, before we did this we had to call a Denver garage door repair company before we able to setup shop


For bulk deliveries, custom-made caked and pastries, please call us at least 4 days before pick-up. This is to ensure that everything will be in perfect condition and nothing will be amiss. 


Connect with us today for more info.