Garage Door Problems and Possible Solutions


Homeowners want to open and close their garage door each time whenever they need it. Sometimes garage door may become malfunction and will need to be repaired or replaced immediately. Some of the common garage door problems can be handled using DIY home improvement techniques and handy tools. Following are the common garage door problems and their possible solutions:

Garage door gets jam while opening or closing: Garage door off its track or gets stuck on its while opening or closing can be caused by minor problems. If you have an automatic garage door, you should check its switches, sensors, and batteries first. But if you have installed a manually operated garage door, you will have to check the garage door to find any kind of obstruction on the tracks. The lubrication used on the moving parts may have been affected by the continuous use and harsh climate conditions. You should lubricate the garage door track for smoother operations. When the garage door hangs unevenly, it causes the garage door to get jammed. The length of springs and cables that controls the garage door must be equal in length. An experienced and certified garage door technician should be called for this particular job.

The garage door moves unevenly: The easiest technique to fix this issue is by getting rid of the dust, debris, or obstructions on the tracks. You should clean and lubricate the tracks first to see if this trick will solve your problem. If this solution will not be effective in any way, the conditions of springs should be inspected. They have accurate length and stretch capacity to counterbalance the weight of the garage door. Automatic garage doors may have an issue with the motor which needs to be replaced immediately.

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Loud sounds while opening and closing: Loud grinding, squealing, or screeching noises coming from a garage door are the clear sign that tracks are not cleaned and lubricated properly. Garage door tracks may be filled with debris and dust. The tracks where the rollers run should be cleaned and lubricated properly without using harsh chemicals to get rid of any dirt formation or any other obstruction. Silicone sprays are specially designed to lubricate all the moving parts of the garage door.  

Garage door does not work: The batteries and switches should be inspected in order to make sure that your machine is properly powered. If your garage door is getting continuous power then its operating mechanism may have some problems. If checking the cables and clearing the garage door tracks will not solve the problems, then the next step may be installing, cleaning, or adjusting the garage door sensor.

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Garage door falls continuously without warning: Rapidly falling garage door poses a great risk of injuries to you, your family, and property. It could be due to the broken cables or loose garage door springs. You should inspect the garage door inside the garage to determine the real problem.

You should be cautioned while fixing or replacing malfunctioned garage doors on your own because injuries from the DIY garage door repair projects were quite very seriously. A qualified and certified garage door technician will be able to repair or replace the broken garage door effectively and safely.

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