Sourdough Ciabatta – Year of Breads #14

Ciabatta 3-1

Ciabatta is a classic. The taste is remarkable and is also known by its characteristic large holes. That is not the case with commercially produced ciabatta. This version has the large holes, light texture, and crisp crust. The primary leavening is sourdough with a little yeast added for an extra boost. The result is a […]

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Classic Chess Pie

Chess Pie 1-1

One of the distinguishing factors about classic Southern food is the use of common and simple ingredients. This probably comes from the times when there wasn’t a lot of plenty and families made due with what they had. While it may be different, with access to all sorts of ingredients now, it is nice to […]

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Simple Peach Danish


When I had the idea of making a danish using fresh peaches I wanted to make something incredible tasty yet keeping it simple, hence the title, Simple Peach Danish. Normally these delicious pastries are made in a similar fashion to croissants. The dough has lots of butter and lots of super flaky layers. With these, […]

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Black Pumpernickel – Year of Breads #13

Black Pumpernickel-1

This bread has been a while in the making. I have wanted to make an all rye bread for sometime now but have been a little nervous about it. Specifically, I have been looking to make a black bread. A Facebook friend suggested I try my hand at a German bread that bakes for somewhere […]

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