Angelina Dy, Entrepreneur 

Posted 04/17/17 12:24:11 


House of Bakes made my birthday last March 30 extra special by making the most beautiful cake ever! They created a 3-tiered Little Mermaid strawberry cake that was shared by my friends and my family. It was created with every little detail included such as the scales, the fingers and even some strands of hair. It was so amazing that it was heartbreaking to actually eat it. When we did though, it was so delicious that it was gone before everyone had a bite to eat.  


Good thing though that we bought extra cupcakes for the occasion. They were equally tasty with their chocolate flavoring. The cupcakes took the shape of assorted colored starfishes that were extremely enjoyable especially among the children who came to my party. These pastries were one of the highlights of my party and I can say that we’d definitely order again soon. 



Belinda Wolfgang 

Posted 05/15/17 08:01:05 


I love the pastries at House of Bakes. However, it was last Mother’s Day when I’ve proven that their cakes are really amazing. I bought my mom one and asked her picture to be framed by the cake. To say that the result was beautiful was an understatement. My mom was crying from joy by the time we presented it to her. She even brought a new cake to be shared with everyone because she doesn’t want the cake to be ruined. She wants to preserve it for a day more. But nonetheless, when she decided to let us have a portion – like a small portion to taste it, it was so delicious that we know we had to buy again. From then on, House of Bakes became our pastry shop choice. For birthdays and events, we only buy from this store.