Whew, say that title 5 times fast. When I told my wife about the taste of this semolina sesame seed sourdough I told her it tasted…stupendous! I had to think of an adjective that began with “S” to keep up the theme of course.

I think semolina flour has such a good flavor. It tastes really good in pizza dough and, as you will see with this recipe, in bread also. There is a slight nutty flavor and with the added sesame seeds contributing a toasty flavor it really makes this bread something that can be enjoyed without anything being added to it.

This formula is staying with the younger culture I recently wrote about. It was made about 7-8 hours prior t mixing the final dough. This formula also uses slightly less culture to make the starter so as to take any tanginess way down and really let the flour and sesame seed flavor shine through.

So, begin 7-8 hours prior to mixing the final dough by combining 1.5 ounces culture with 4 ounces water and 4 ounces flour. Cover it and go to sleep, or work, however your baking schedule works out. When it is time to make the dough it will need about 4 hours for the bulk ferment. This is the stage where you stretch and fold every 30 minutes if you are making it by hand. If you are using a mixer you will mix the ingredients for 2-3 minutes and let rest for 1 hour then stretch and fold and let rest for another 1 1/2 hours before shaping.

OK, check out the recipe then let me know what you think about this formula.


Semolina Sesame Sourdough
  • Starter
  • 1.5 ounces/1 large tablespoon culture
  • 4 ounces flour
  • 4 ounces water
  • Final Dough
  • 8.2 ounces water
  • all of the starter
  • 3 ounces semolina flour
  • 10.6 ounces bread flour
  • .32 ounces/1 teaspoon salt
  • enough sesame seed to roll the dough in, about 1/4 cup
  1. Make the starter 7-8 hours prior to mixing the final dough.
  2. Mix water and starter until dispersed then add flour and salt. Combine just until flour is hydrated then cover with plastic and let rest. If mixing by hand stretch and fold at 30 minute intervals for a total of 8 times. If using a mixer let rest for about 1.5 hours then do one stretch and fold and cover with plastic.
  3. After the bulk fermentation you can now shape into the desired shape, roll in sesame seeds, and cover with a baker’s linen or linen towel to proof for another 1.5 hours. Preheat oven to 500 degrees.
  4. Put dough into oven then decrease heat to 460 degrees. Bake for 30-35 minutes.


4 thoughts on “Semolina Sesame Sourdough”

    1. Hi, thank you for asking. The culture I refer to here is the sourdough starter. This uses a portion of the sourdough starter and is “fed” a small amount of flour and water to increase it before adding to the dough. Does that answer your question? Let me know if you are still unsure. I will answer the best I can.

  1. Earlier this month on a search for a semolina sourdough recipe, I found yours. Thank you, it worked very well for me–once I figured out how to convert the measurements to cups and spoonfuls. Mixed it entirely with dough hook on my Kitchen Aid. Not enough body to shape it free form, so I used a round cheesecake pan (about 8 inch by 3 inch deep), buttered it. Started at 450 degrees.

    This was an experiment that worked! Removed from pan after 50 mins., reducing temperature 400, 350. Put back in oven for another 25. Excellent result. Starting another one, this time with rye starter at Weekend Bakery http://www.weekendbakery.com/posts/rye-sourdough-starter-in-easy-steps/. He suggests using rye starter for all breads. Should be interesting.

    1. Hi Naomi! I am very glad you found this. That sounds like a very interesting version of this bread. Happy to hear it turned out well too. Weekend Bakery has some great advice on their site. One of my favorite places to visit. Thank you so much for the comments. 🙂

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